Enjoy a beautiful day in the country while shopping for antique, vintage, shabby chic and handmade treasures.

Our next Barn Market will be Friday, May 19, 2017, 1:00-8:00 PM and Saturday, May 20, 9:00-3:00
5602 E. CR 100 N., Seymour, Indiana

Monday, September 26, 2016

Vendors -- Fall 2016 Market

Thought I would share these beautiful people, and links so you can find them now that you know what beautiful things they create and share!  This first set of photos is from the vendors who were in or just outside the Chicken House:

 Well, this is nice -- Tammy has all her information right there on her sign!  We were so happy to welcome Sassy Ginger Boutique to our market!

 Alysha brought her beautiful calligraphy on watercolor to the market.  Her etsy shop is Modern Arria, and she will be setting up next at the Seymour Oktoberfest.

These adorable girls battled to keep the bees away from their sweet soaps, but they just kept smiling!  You can find Milkhouse Soaps at Funky Junk at 101 S. Main Street in Brownstown and online here!  

Sherry and Kevin, aka Cobwebs in the Corner, were also first-timers to our market.  I've known Sherry since high school, and we definitely have the same love of old stuff -- especially costume jewelry! 

Angie was with us in the spring, and brought her amazing collection of beautiful vintage goods (one of which I should have grabbed up when I had the chance -- I almost cried when I saw it waiting in the holding area!)  You can find The Green Umbrella on Facebook.

Karen is a dear friend and talented artist.  Her snowmen are just adorable, and
 can be found at Stitches 'n Flakes.  Don't they just make you happy?  

Carri has a great way of taking dated furniture and giving it new life!  I bet her brand new house is full of her beautiful restorations!  Her business is Gray Green G.

Nita of DeBeau brought beautiful vintage and re-purposed goods to the market, plus, we got to meet her sweet granddaughter, Jane!

Our good friend (advisor and sounding board!), Janice, of Claire Marie -- her brick and mortar store, full of fashion and other treasures, is at 1301 N. Ewing Street in Seymour.

Another dear friend, Charlotte, brought along her sweet family to help out at the market.  Charlotte owns The Copper Rooster at 212 W. 2nd Street with her husband, Joe; they are part of the re-vitalization of downtown Seymour -- such an asset to our town and we are so proud of them.  
It was hot, but didn't Frank look cool in his bandanna?  We hope he and Carolyn can slow down and enjoy the beautiful fall together, now that ice cream season is over.  But next spring, be sure to visit their shop, Back Porch Ice Cream at 1101 W. Commerce Street in Brownstown (especially if you're a black cherry ice cream fan!)  

These girls are the beauty and brains of The Gray Rabbit, home of unique, adorable children's clothing.  I met them at The Pink Wagon Market last November, and we were so glad Megan and Susan (and Eliza!) joined us this fall!  

Dana really knows how to make things beautiful, and we were so happy to have a chance to talk and laugh with her again!  I have one of her Indiana Home signs in my dining room, and think of her when I see it!  You can find information about The Old Schubox  creations here.  

And finally today, I asked these dear women came to the market -- Heather and Brenda are a part of my knitting circle of friends, and I am so proud of what they have accomplished in starting their indie hand-dyed yarn business.  I learn something from them every time we are together -- about knitting, business, life --would you know how to muffle a noisy food truck generator?  I do, now.  You can shop for their yarn here.

More vendors tomorrow!  Peace.

What a Great Time! Hen and Chicks Fall Market 2016

We're still reeling from all the fun, but the farm is cleaned up, we've had a chance to rest and it's a rainy Monday, which gives me some time to share some of the beautiful photos taken by our dear friend, Kelly Stephens.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hey, Happy Campers! It's the new Hen and Chicks Shirts!

Our sweet friend, Alli, famed owner of Funky Junk and awesome designer, has come up with some great shirts for the Fall Barn Market!

The v-neck t-shirt is available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and XL for $15.00, 2XL for $17.00.
The sweatshirt is available in sizes S-XL for $25, 2XL for $27.
The men's t is available in sizes S_XL for $15.00, 2XL for $17.00.  
You can pay through PayPal over there on the right, and pick up your shirt at the welcome tent at the sale!  Please complete your order by September 5.  Thanks!

Hi, Friends!

This poor little blog has been ignored for too long now, but since we're less than 6 weeks away from our fall barn market, it's probably a good time to start sharing again!   But before we get all wrapped up talking about our next sale, let's go back and share some of the great photos of our Spring Scratch, which was held on April 29 and 30, 2016.
Yes, it rained.
And rained and rained and rained.  

And rained.

And rained. 
So we just said, "Shove it!"

Not really!  We said, "Let's have a good time anyway, learn some things along the way and help our vendors sell lots of stuff!"

So that's what we did!  

I'll post more pictures from April soon!  

Our Fall Market is Coming Soon!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Our Country Hand Washing Station

Lots of people have commented and asked us about this, so I thought I would explain what we did here.

One of our vendors, Terri from Ramblin' Rose, came out to the farm to have a look around a few weeks before the sale, and brought her friend, Bobbi, out with her.  We were discussing port-a-potties and the like, and smart Bobbi (an event planner!) suggested that instead of renting a hand washing spot, we make our own, using empty detergent bottles, as many people do when they camp.

So, we took that idea a little further, and "countried" it up a bit.  I  had this wash stand and tubs; the tubs became the sinks, and Brian attached a hose to the bottom of each tub so that the water could be drained away. He also built the shelf for the water jars; these are 2-gallon drink dispensers that look like canning jars (I found them at TJ Maxx for $16 each).  We put soap and hand sanitizer in quart canning jars (from the basement!) and added the pump dispensers and chalkboard labels.  (I found the pump lids at Amazon.)  Brian attached a piece of PVC pipe to the center of the shelf to hold the paper towels.  


We thought this could also be a fun drink station for parties -- we've used the wash tubs for beer, wine and kids' drinks at parties, but how fun would it be to fill those big jars with sangria, lemonade, or tea, and have ice below?