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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Using Old Stuff - Graduation Party

Jenny's son, Luke, graduated from Trinity High School in May, and his graduation party was last weekend.  Many of the things we've pulled out of the barns became decorations at the party!

Luke's cousin, Kourtney, had found this old truck stock gate; with a little cleaning and a few nails (and a little help from my grandson, Paul), it became the menu board:

Old doors became the backdrop for Luke's and Kourtney's memory tables:

Sorry the pictures are a little blurry, but I had to hurry with my phone before the crowd arrived!  And what a crowd there was!

We'll be using the doors again, as they will be the backdrop on a flat bed wagon for our music and workshops during the market.  Their card holders were old suitcases, and Jenny used an old bread box for chips and washtubs for holding the drinks.  Plus, both kids had amazing t-shirt quilts displayed at the cake tables.  These two have already accomplished so much in school, sports, 4-H and church activities.  

You'll probably see those buntings again, too!  The one on Luke's table was made from a roll of burlap "ribbon", cut into rectangles and sewn onto clothesline -- so quick and easy.  Kourtney's was from scraps of red fabric and some vintage lace I had in my stash.  Sewing buntings is great fun -- just stack up all your pieces of fabric, fold them over the clothesline and sew away -- it's a cute way to add personality to a display.


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